Making the Modern World


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    Wind tunnel model of the Avro 730 supersonic bomber, c 1955.

    2 off wind tunnel models of the Avro 730 supersonic bomber, on plinth. The Avro 730 was designed to be a high-altitude supersonic (Mach 2) nuclear bomber and strategic reconnaissance aircraft. The project was cancelled as a result of the 1957 Defence

    Barber's shaving bowl, French, c 1715-1830.

    This bowl was used to collect the blood from shaving cuts. In the 19th century most men visited the barber or shaved periodically at home. Better off customers would have their own personal sets of razors, one for each day of the week. Advances in ra

    Model of Jenning's patent water closet, c 1900.

    Working model of Jennings patent water closet, in case, c. 1900.

    Defibrillator, 1970-1980.

    Defibrillator, battery operated type 180c with type 182 rechargeable power pack and paddles, by Cardiac Recorders Ltd., London

    Apple II desktop computer and monitor, 1977.

    Personal Computer by Apple - model Apple II S/n A2S126608. The Apple II was designed and built by Steve Jobs and Steve Wozniak by the end of 1976. It was the first mass-marketed personal computer. The Apple II was a single-board computer like the App

    Crick and Watson's DNA molecular model, 1953.

    Reconstruction of the double helix model of DNA built by Francis Crick and James Watson in 1953 using some of the original metal plates (Inv No 1977-300)

    Fleming's penicillin mould, 1935.

    A sample of Penicillium mould presented by Alexander Fleming to Douglas Macleod, 1935.

    Laennec's stethoscope, c 1820.

    Laennec stethoscope made by Laennec. Labelled as follows: This is one of Laennec's original stethoscopes, and it was presented by him to Dr Begin a French Army surgeon whose widow gave it to me in 1863.

    Wolf 'Challenge' domestic electric drill, c 1960.

    Wolf 'Challenge' domestic electric drill, c. 1960.

    Assorted paint and glue pots, 1950s.

    Tin of 'Casco' casein glue, grade A dry powder to be mixed quickly with water. Manufactured in Great Britain by Leicester, Lovell & Co. Ltd., Ebley Mills, Stroud, Gloucestershire. c. 1955.