The Science and Art of Medicine


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    Brass syringe, French, early 17th century.

    Brass syringe, in case, French.

    Yantra meditation plaque,  India, 1800s.

    A copper Yantra meditation plaque decorated with a geometric pattern. Meditation has strong links with Ayurveda and is often recommended as part of an ‘Ayurvedic lifestyle’. Techniques vary – Yantra meditation uses patterns of symbols and shapes to h

    Wooden shield painted with a demon's face, Chinese, 19th century.

    A wooden sign painted with a demon's face, hung over doors in China to scare away demons. In ancient China people believed that spirits, ancestors and demons could interfere with the body and cause illness. This idea has existed in some form in Chine

    Netsuke of a man being massaged, Japanese, 18th or 19th century.

    A Japanese ivory figure of a man massaging the back of another man whilst he reads. According to Traditional Chinese Medicine, massage helps the qi energy flow in channels around the body.

    Tibetan doctor's bag.

    Doctor's bag, from Tibet, c. 1850-1930. A leather and cloth medicine bag with drawstring, containing 50 small leather bags full of medicine, plus instruments.

    Male figure with truss, c 1860-1910.

    Plaster model of a male figure in classical style, wearing several miniature orthopaedic appliances, including a truss and corset. Used for advertising purposes, and made by Dunlop, England, 1860-1910

    R B Ede's portable laboratory, English, 1840-1900.

    Ede's portable chemical laboratory with 14 labelled bottles and 46 labelled boxes of samples, by R.B. Ede, English, 1840-1900

    Spanish jug, possibly 17th century.

    Tin-glazed earthenware jug, polychrome decoration, illustrates administration of an enema, with inscription, Spanish


    A container of Neem tablets, a commercially available herbal medicine used by practitioners of Ayurveda, manufactured by The Himalaya Drug Company in Bangalore, India and distributed by Vedic Medical Hall Ltd., London.

    Walnut homeopathic medicine chest, with bottles, late 19th century.

    Walnut homeopathic medicine chest, with 34 glass bottles, all labelled, and accompanying treatise on homeopathic medicine, 2nd half of the 19th century

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