The Science and Art of Medicine


    On Display

    J S Haldane's oxygen tent for four people, early 20th century.
    Ivory Piston-action syringe, European, c 1701-1730.

    Ivory piston-action syringe, possibly early 18th century, Europe

    Divination set, Zimbabwe, 1880-1920.

    A set of four divination plaques on a string, used by the Mashona people of Zimbabwe. Mashona diviners use only red ivorywood for their plaques, as they believe it is the only wood that tells the truth. It is the royal wood of KwaZulu Natal and is n

    Amulet of the god Eshu, Nigeria, 1880-1900.

    An amulet in the form of Eshu, a god of the Yoruba people of Nigeria. The wooden figure is covered with carved divination boards and cowrie shells threaded onto leather.

    'Fragrance of the Cape' aromatherapy dough, South Africa, 2004-2005.

    A pot of ‘Fragrance of the Cape’ aromatherapy dough from South Africa. The dough contains a blend of essential oils from buchu and wilde-als - plants used in African medicine for their healing properties.

    Two pharmacy jars, French, 1725-1775.

    Pharmacy storage, jar, French, Hustin factory, 1725-1775, polychrome faience, used for bugloss by Carmelites


    A small black leather covered homeopathic medicine case lined with red velvet, containing a small scoop and 30 labelled glass phials of homeopathic medicines. The chest is inscribed 'Dr. Malan's Family Medicine Chest'.

    Men worshipping the god Yaowang, China, Ching period, 1800-1911.

    A model of a group of men worshipping Yaowang, the Buddhist god of medicine. Gods have always played a part in Traditional Chinese Medicine.

    Infant feeding bottles, English, 19th-20th century.

    Griptight miniature feeder. Glass infant's feeding bottle with rubber teat, rubber valve, and cleaning brush in original box. The other feeding bottle, at the top of the image, is A625747, an earthenware bottle.

    Acupuncture figure, Chinese, late Ming Dynasty, c.17th century

    This wooden figure of a man nearly a metre tall was used in acupuncture teaching in China.