The Science and Art of Medicine


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    Pharmacy leech jar, English, 1830-1870.

    Pharmacy leech jar, marbled and gilt earthenware, perhaps Staffordshire, English, inscribed � Leeches�.

    Three Italian earthenware pharmacy jars, 1520-1580.

    Albarello vase, Italian from Deruta, 1539, buff and blue maiolica, used for pomegranate flowers (?)

    Dispensing pot, English, 1860-1885.

    Creamware dispensing pot, supplied by Beach and Barnicott, 1860 to 1885

    Pharmacy jar, Italian,1520-1560.

    Albarello vase, Italian, fine specimen from Deruta, 16th century buff and rich blue maiolica, used for mercury unguent

    Packet of healthy breakfast mixture, c 2005.

    A packet of healthy breakfast mixture, produced in accordance with Unani Tibb medical practices. Like many medical systems, Tibb states that everything eaten affects health. By eating the correct food for each personal temperament, the humours can b

    A medicine chest for cholera, English, 1849-1900.

    Medicine chest for cholera, by Godfrey and Cooke, English, 1849-1900

    Italian pharmacy jar, 1641.

    Albarello vase, Italian, from Rome or Deruta, 1641, polychrome maiolica, used for theriaca by the Jesuits

    Two pharmacy jars, 18th century.

    Italian pharmacy vase, 18th century polychrome maiolica made at Castelli, used for lily water


    A box containing a bottle of Masturin, a Unani Tibb herbal medicine used to treat menstrual problems. Unani Tibb medicines have been produced commercially for about 70 years in India, Pakistan and Bangladesh.

    Tobold's laryngeal syringe, early 20th century.

    Laryngeal syringe, Tobold type, steel and glass, by Down Bros. of London