The Science and Art of Medicine


On Display

'A Midwife going to a labour', 1811.

This is a hand coloured etching by Thomas Rowlandson (1756-1827) published by T Tegg, London. It is headed �Teggs Caricatures, No.55�, and shows the midwife as a blowsy, obese aged woman, who has been called out on a squally night, her hooded red clo

'Fragrance of the Cape' aromatherapy dough, South Africa, 2004-2005.

A pot of ‘Fragrance of the Cape’ aromatherapy dough from South Africa. The dough contains a blend of essential oils from buchu and wilde-als - plants used in African medicine for their healing properties.

Antiseptic machine, 1879.

Apparatus for rendering the atmosphere antiseptic (hammer action). Inscribed 'Bells Patent, 1879, Newcastle on Tyne'

Amputation saw, 17th Century.

Large hacksaw-shaped amputation saw, perhaps 17th century

'Ngetwa 3' herbal medicine, Tanzania, 2005.

A packet of the mass-produced herbal medicine, 'Ngetwa 3'. The medicine is foil-packed for a longer shelf life and a modern look. The Tanzanian mganga (healer) who prepared the medicine is shown on the front.

Box containing ampoules of Strophanthus extract, 1917.

A box containing ampoules of Strophanthin, an extract from the Strophanthus plant, made by the Burroughs Wellcome & Co. Ripe seeds from Strophanthus gratus and kombé plants contain a chemical that works on the heart. In Europe it has been made into t

Petit tourniquet, late 18th or early 19th century.

Petit tourniquet said to have been used by Dr. Gillespie on the HMS Victory, 1805

Hunting trousse, English, c 1570.

Hunting trousse, steel, brass and mahogany, English

‘Livingstone’ Medicine Chest

Algot Lange, the Swedish-American explorer, took this medicine chest on his adventures in the Amazon rainforest in 1911.

Greek and Roman mixing bowls with 'Larva Convivialis', 450 BC-200 AD.

Red figure column krater, decorated with drinking scenes by the Cleveland Painter, inscription painted over are of the figures, Attica, Greece, 460-440BC