The Science and Art of Medicine


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    Russell urine test case, with a urinometer, 1900.

    Russell type urine test case, containing: one urinometer and hydrometer, two bottles, two books of litmus paper, two spirit lamps and one test tube. Manufactured by Allen and Hanbury, London

    Ureameter set, c 1900.

    Ureameter set manufactured by Parke, Davis and Co, Detroit, America. It contains: one phial, two rubber bungs, one urine tube; one connecting tube, one rubber teat, a piece of chamois leather, and a glass jar. The apparatus is for the quantative esti

    Portable electrocardiograph, 1946.

    Portable electrocardiograph in leather carrying case by the Cambridge Instrument Co., Cambridge, England.

    Haemodynamometer, c 1900.

    Haemadynamometer, in case by Hawksley, English

    Sibson type combined percussor and pleximeter, c 1860.

    Combined percussor and pleximeter, in case, Sibson type

    Electrocardiograph machine, c 1940.

    ECG machine by the Cambridge Instrument Co. A unique calibrating model, c.1940. With 2 rolls cardiograph paper, box of ECG leads and spare parts, & galvanometer (without scale).

    Chambers of the human heart, 1910-1930.

    This is a wax model of the human heart, sectioned to illustrate the interior structure of the organ. Sir Thomas Lewis (1881-1945) made and used this model in his research into the human cardiovascular system in England.

    Bourdalon, or female urinal, English, c 1805.

    Bourdalon female urinal, blue and white, c. 1805, Spode

    Sample of Edward Jenner's hair, 1823.

    Lock of hair removed from Edward Jenner after his death, 26th January 1823, framed

    Early inoculation items, c 1798-1825.

    Cow's horn, inscribed 'G.C. Jenner, 1825'.