The Science and Art of Medicine


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Magneto-electric machine, late 19th century.

Magneto-electric machine, with elaborate workmanship by John Green, London. Similar in principle but not structure to Davis machines

Plastic vomit bowl with handle, 2005.

A plastic vomit bowl used during panchakarma, an Ayurvedic therapy. Vomiting aims to drive out harmful doshas (forces) and waste products and is induced by taking a drink containing ingredients such as liquorice or calamus root. Therapeutic vomiting

Head of Nefertiti, Egyptian queen, c 1383-1365 BC.

Plaster copy of a bust of Queen Nefertiti, original Ancient Egyptian, 18th dynasty, c. 1383-1365BC. Nefertiti was the consort of the pharaoh AkhEnaton. The original bust was found at Amatha, Egypt, in 1912 and is now housed at the Egyptian Museum in

Ancient Egyptian amulet, the girdle or knot of Isis (Thet/Tyet), 4000-30 BC.

Thet (or tyet) amulet, carved from jasper, Ancient Egyptian, 4000-30 BC. The thet is the primary magical charm associated with the goddess Isis.

Bronze Roman cupping vessel, 1-79 AD.

Bronze cupping vessel, from Pompeii, Roman, 1-79AD. Cupping was an ancient therapy intended to restore the balance of the body. It remained popular in the Western world until the 19th century.

Pewter box for transporting leeches, 19th century.

Pewter leech box, inscribed �Leeches�.

Stoneware patent leech jar, late 19th century.

Leech jar, stoneware, with lid and iron clamp for lid, inscribed 'Patent Leech Jar'.

Two leech jars, 19th century.

Pottery leech jar, with lid and iron clamp for lid, sides perforated for ventilation, 19th century. Illustrated on the right, next to A637617, another leech jar.


A bottle containing Strophanthus Tincture tablets, made by Burroughs Wellcome & Co. Ripe seeds from Strophanthus gratus and kombé plants contain a chemical that works on the heart. In Europe it has been made into tablets, powders or solutions for inj

Fu ling fungus, 1850-1920.

A fungus (Sclerotium poriae cocos) known as Fu ling in Traditional Chinese Medicine, and used to treat vertigo.