The Secret Life of the Home


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    Cona coffee maker, c 1950.

    Cona' coffee maker, table model no. III, c.1950

    'Kingsway' New World gas cooker, c 1935.

    Kingsway' New World all-enamelled gas cooker in fashion colours of cream and royal blue, with thermostatically controlled oven, grill, four burners and plate rack, by Fletcher, Russell and Co. Ltd., Warrington, 1933-1937.

    Veritas-Atmos paraffin cooker, c 1930.

    NB. The portable metal oven box is not shown in this image. The inventory number 1973-47 describes the whole. Then Pt 1 should be the cooker, (at the moment it appears to be the oven box) then Pt 2 (does not currently exist) should be the oven box.

    Hoover washing machine with wringer, 1948.

    Hoover washing machine, model 0307, with wringer, 1948

    Hoover 'Keymatic' washing machine, 1963.

    Hoover 'Keymatic' washing machine, 1963.

    Bendix DRS washing machine c 1961.

    Bendix DRS washing machine c. 1961, with various spares

    Electric iron, c 1880.

    Early electric iron of unusual construction. The soleplate is heated by passing a current across carbon arc electrodes. The hazards of fire and injury to the user made this method dangerous and short-lived.

    Belling Compact Super Four electric cooker, c 1970.

    Belling Compact Super Four Electric Cooker, c. 1970


    The invention of the vacuum cleaner is generally credited to Hubert Cecil Booth.

    Wooden electrically-driven domestic washing machine, c 1920.

    Wooden domestic washing machine, electrically driven, with mangle, made by Beatty Bros. of Canada, c. 1920