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    Wooden electrically-driven domestic washing machine, c 1920.

    Wooden domestic washing machine, electrically driven, with mangle, made by Beatty Bros. of Canada, c. 1920

    'Monitor Top', electric compression domestic refrigerator, 1934.

    "Monitor Top" electric compression domestic refrigerator, with compressor mounted in circular unit on top of fridge, by B.T.H. (General Electric), supplied by the International Refrigerator Co. of London, made in the USA, 1934

    'Universal' electric food mixer and beater, 1918.

    `Universal' electric food mixer with double-rotary beaters, featuring an open electric motor, hinge to adjust position of mixer, and ability to fit attachments, all metal, by Landers Frary and Clark, USA, 1915-1920

    Belling electric fire, 1913.

    Standard' portable electric fire with 6 wire-wound fireclay elements, 2 rotary switches and blue-enamelled cast iron surround with hinged trivet at the top to support a kettle or pan, elements patented by C. R. Belling (patent no. 19,054) in 1912, t

    The Belling 'Modernette' electric cooker, 1919.

    One of the first Belling 'Modernette' electric cookers with oven, plate warmer, hotplate and griller-boiler, all with exposed coiled-wire heating elements, of compact mild sheet steel construction specifically designed for use in a small house or fla

    The 'Vowel Y' washing machine and wringer, 1897.

    Hand-operated 'Vowel Y' washing machine and mangle, by Thomas Bradford, 1897

    Cannon charcoal heated flat-iron and bellows, c 1850.

    Cannon' charcoal heated flat-iron, c. 1850.

    'Daisy' No 2 vacuum cleaner, c 1914.

    Daisy' no. 2 vacuum cleaner, c. 1914

    Syphon-action coffee infuser, c 1855.

    Balance-type siphon-action coffee making machine, comprising porcelain base, central brass pillar with spring-loaded bracket, glass coffee vase with copper lid, white fluted porcelain boiler and glass spirit lamp, European, probably French, c. 1855.

    Amana Radarange Touchmatic microwave oven, 1978.

    Amana Touchmatic Radarange Microwave Oven, model RR5-6, manufactured by Amana Refrigeration Inc., Amana, Iowa, USA, 1978, with micro-go-round plus clockwork pressure activated turntable by Nordic Ware, Mineapolis, Minnesota, USA, 1978