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    Cast iron pressure cooker, 1850-1870.

    Cast iron pressure cooker of four quart capacity, with latches to secure the lid and steam release safety valve in centre of lid, by E. Pugh and Co., Wednesbury, West Midlands, 1850-1870

    Electric copper kettle, with immersed element, sectioned, c 1921.

    Sectioned electric copper kettle, the first type of kettle to be fitted with a totally immersed heating element, thereby doubling its efficiency, provisional patent no. 33221/ 21, by Bulpitt and Sons Ltd., Birmingham, 1921-1922

    An automatic tea-making machine, c 1902.

    Automatic tea-making machine patented by Frank Clarke of Birmingham, in 1902.

    Dutch oven, with basting spoon and cylindrical clockwork jack, 1850-1900.

    Dutch oven, a device for speeding up the roasting of small meats in front of an open fire, with basting spoon and with brass spring-driven bottle jack by Mather and Armstrong of Newcastle, English, 1850-1900

    Syphon-action coffee infuser, c 1855.

    Balance-type siphon-action coffee making machine, comprising porcelain base, central brass pillar with spring-loaded bracket, glass coffee vase with copper lid, white fluted porcelain boiler and glass spirit lamp, European, probably French, c. 1855.

    Seeger dry-air siphon refrigerator c 1900.

    Insulated wooden ice box (dry air siphon refrigerator), in which food is chilled by the insertion of ice blocks into an adjoining compartment from which cold air circulates, by the Seeger Refrigerator Co., St. Paul, Minnesota, USA, 1880-1920

    Gas cooker, c 1850.

    Gas cooker designed by James Sharp (a pioneer of domestic gas cooking technology) and manufactured by W. M. Lankester and Son of Southampton, sheet iron construction, top box missing, 1845-1855

    'Stimex' combination gas cooking range, fire and water circulator, c 1922.

    Stimex' combination gas range no. 8706, of cast iron construction with 7-radiant gas fire, Stimson's patent. The University hot water circulator, lagged oven, grill, three boiling burners and enamel drip tray, by Stimex Gas Stove Co. Ltd., Balham, Lo

    Creda New Series electric cooker fitted with Credastat thermostat, 1933.

    Creda electric cooker with oven, cast metal hotplate-griller, red-ring hotplate (a later addition); one of the early electric cookers to be fitted with a Credastat automatic oven thermostat patented by the Credenda Conduit Co. Ltd. of Birmingham, wh

    Crompton electric curling tong heater, 1891.

    Two Crompton electric curling tong heaters (brass) 1891-1897 element missing from one.