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    Micro Perophone radiogramophone, 1932.

    Micro Perophone radiogramophone, 1932, restored 1968. 5-valve receiver with 10 inch 78 rpm turntable mounted vertically where speaker would normally be; hinges down for use. Basically a Regentone RG670 radio with Simpson's direct-drive synchronous tu

    Child's china teaplate, c 1922.

    Child's china teaplate, with cartoon bearing the legend "2ZY Manchester calling"; 1922-1923

    Bush television receiver, type TV22, c 1950.

    At the end of the 1940s / early 1950s, a number of large regional television transmitters were built to extend the BBC's television service across the UK. As each region used a different frequency, receiver manufacturers produced a different version

    Sony Walkman with headphones, c 1980.

    Sony 'Stowaway' stereo cassette-recorder, 1980, model TCS-300. This was one of the earliest cassette players intended to be used while on the move. The small size was made possible by omitting a loudspeaker, listening being via headphones. The equipm

    The 'Vowel Y' washing machine and wringer, 1897.

    Hand-operated 'Vowel Y' washing machine and mangle, by Thomas Bradford, 1897

    Cannon charcoal heated flat-iron and bellows, c 1850.

    Cannon' charcoal heated flat-iron, c. 1850.

    'Daisy' No 2 vacuum cleaner, c 1914.

    Daisy' no. 2 vacuum cleaner, c. 1914

    Syphon-action coffee infuser, c 1855.

    Balance-type siphon-action coffee making machine, comprising porcelain base, central brass pillar with spring-loaded bracket, glass coffee vase with copper lid, white fluted porcelain boiler and glass spirit lamp, European, probably French, c. 1855.

    Amana Radarange Touchmatic microwave oven, 1978.

    Amana Touchmatic Radarange Microwave Oven, model RR5-6, manufactured by Amana Refrigeration Inc., Amana, Iowa, USA, 1978, with micro-go-round plus clockwork pressure activated turntable by Nordic Ware, Mineapolis, Minnesota, USA, 1978

    Cast iron pressure cooker, 1850-1870.

    Cast iron pressure cooker of four quart capacity, with latches to secure the lid and steam release safety valve in centre of lid, by E. Pugh and Co., Wednesbury, West Midlands, 1850-1870