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    Creda New Series electric cooker fitted with Credastat thermostat, 1933.

    Creda electric cooker with oven, cast metal hotplate-griller, red-ring hotplate (a later addition); one of the early electric cookers to be fitted with a Credastat automatic oven thermostat patented by the Credenda Conduit Co. Ltd. of Birmingham, wh

    Crompton electric curling tong heater, 1891.

    Two Crompton electric curling tong heaters (brass) 1891-1897 element missing from one.


    The invention of the vacuum cleaner is generally credited to Hubert Cecil Booth.

    Sugar nippers, 19th century.

    Black-painted metal sugar nippers for breaking up blocks of crystalline sugar, English (?), 1880-1900

    White Mountain Freezer, ice cream maker, United States, 1923-1930.

    White Mountain Freezer' hand-operated ice cream maker, comprising wooden ice bucket and handle for rotating the metal canister and its paddle to stir the cream mixture, US patent in 1923, USA., 1923-1930

    'Sol' hairdryer, Germany, c 1925.

    This early electric fan-driven hairdryer is simple in design and has two heat settings. It was generally used by middle class households in the 1920s. The first purpose-made hairdryers were boxes that stood on the table, hand-held dryers were introdu

    'Auto-Thermos' pressure cooker, 1929.

    Auto-Thermos' pressure cooker of insulated cast aluminium, with lid secured by removeable yoke, with spring-loaded piston acting as pressure regulating and warning device, and with Easiwork pressure gauge, UK patent 291364 in 1929 by Camille Hautier

    'Shelvador' electric compression domestic refrigerator, 1934-1935.

    Fridge with streamlined design made by Crosley between 1930 and 1940. An example of the first model to be equipped with internal shelves inside the door. Domestic refrigerator design was largely developed in the US in the early 20th century partly be

    Micro Perophone radiogramophone, 1932.

    Micro Perophone radiogramophone, 1932, restored 1968. 5-valve receiver with 10 inch 78 rpm turntable mounted vertically where speaker would normally be; hinges down for use. Basically a Regentone RG670 radio with Simpson's direct-drive synchronous tu

    'Reporter' tape recorder, 1953.

    Boosey & Hawkes "Reporter" tape recorder, 1953.