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    Electric copper kettle, with immersed element, sectioned, c 1921.

    Sectioned electric copper kettle, the first type of kettle to be fitted with a totally immersed heating element, thereby doubling its efficiency, provisional patent no. 33221/ 21, by Bulpitt and Sons Ltd., Birmingham, 1921-1922

    Primax moving iron loudspeaker, c 1924.

    Primax loud speaker (sectioned)


    The merits of short-wave radio communication only emerged during the 1920s.

    Sony Compact Cassette Recorder, c 1969.

    Sony TC50 Compact Cassette Recorder, c. 1969

    Veritas-Atmos paraffin cooker, c 1930.

    NB. The portable metal oven box is not shown in this image. The inventory number 1973-47 describes the whole. Then Pt 1 should be the cooker, (at the moment it appears to be the oven box) then Pt 2 (does not currently exist) should be the oven box.

    Hoover washing machine with wringer, 1948.

    Hoover washing machine, model 0307, with wringer, 1948

    Belling Compact Super Four electric cooker, c 1970.

    Belling Compact Super Four Electric Cooker, c. 1970

    Bendix DRS washing machine c 1961.

    Bendix DRS washing machine c. 1961, with various spares

    Electric iron, c 1880.

    Early electric iron of unusual construction. The soleplate is heated by passing a current across carbon arc electrodes. The hazards of fire and injury to the user made this method dangerous and short-lived.

    An automatic tea-making machine, c 1902.

    Automatic tea-making machine patented by Frank Clarke of Birmingham, in 1902.