The Secret Life of the Home


    On Display

    'Reporter' tape recorder, 1953.

    Boosey & Hawkes "Reporter" tape recorder, 1953.

    'Scene One' stereo music centre, 1976.

    Bush "Scene One" A1006 Music Centre, Stereo

    Child's china teaplate, c 1922.

    Child's china teaplate, with cartoon bearing the legend "2ZY Manchester calling"; 1922-1923

    Bush television receiver, type TV22, c 1950.

    At the end of the 1940s / early 1950s, a number of large regional television transmitters were built to extend the BBC's television service across the UK. As each region used a different frequency, receiver manufacturers produced a different version

    Sony Walkman with headphones, c 1980.

    Sony 'Stowaway' stereo cassette-recorder, 1980, model TCS-300. This was one of the earliest cassette players intended to be used while on the move. The small size was made possible by omitting a loudspeaker, listening being via headphones. The equipm

    'Daisy' No 2 vacuum cleaner, c 1914.

    Daisy' no. 2 vacuum cleaner, c. 1914

    Syphon-action coffee infuser, c 1855.

    Balance-type siphon-action coffee making machine, comprising porcelain base, central brass pillar with spring-loaded bracket, glass coffee vase with copper lid, white fluted porcelain boiler and glass spirit lamp, European, probably French, c. 1855.

    Electric copper kettle, with immersed element, sectioned, c 1921.

    Sectioned electric copper kettle, the first type of kettle to be fitted with a totally immersed heating element, thereby doubling its efficiency, provisional patent no. 33221/ 21, by Bulpitt and Sons Ltd., Birmingham, 1921-1922

    Primax moving iron loudspeaker, c 1924.

    Primax loud speaker (sectioned)

    Hoover 'Junior' vacuum cleaner, 1936.