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    Amana Radarange Touchmatic microwave oven, 1978.

    Amana Touchmatic Radarange Microwave Oven, model RR5-6, manufactured by Amana Refrigeration Inc., Amana, Iowa, USA, 1978, with micro-go-round plus clockwork pressure activated turntable by Nordic Ware, Mineapolis, Minnesota, USA, 1978

    Cast iron pressure cooker, 1850-1870.

    Cast iron pressure cooker of four quart capacity, with latches to secure the lid and steam release safety valve in centre of lid, by E. Pugh and Co., Wednesbury, West Midlands, 1850-1870

    Seeger dry-air siphon refrigerator c 1900.

    Insulated wooden ice box (dry air siphon refrigerator), in which food is chilled by the insertion of ice blocks into an adjoining compartment from which cold air circulates, by the Seeger Refrigerator Co., St. Paul, Minnesota, USA, 1880-1920

    Early electric fire, 1900-1920.

    Electric fire with two Dowsing incandescent sausage-shaped bulbs, with ornate art nouveau metal surround, copper reflector and wooden base with switch at front, by the General Electric Company, English, 1900-1920

    Electric copper kettle, with immersed element, sectioned, c 1921.

    Sectioned electric copper kettle, the first type of kettle to be fitted with a totally immersed heating element, thereby doubling its efficiency, provisional patent no. 33221/ 21, by Bulpitt and Sons Ltd., Birmingham, 1921-1922

    Primax moving iron loudspeaker, c 1924.

    Primax loud speaker (sectioned)


    The merits of short-wave radio communication only emerged during the 1920s.

    Sony Compact Cassette Recorder, c 1969.

    Sony TC50 Compact Cassette Recorder, c. 1969

    Hoover 'Junior' vacuum cleaner, 1936.
    'Scene One' stereo music centre, 1976.

    Bush "Scene One" A1006 Music Centre, Stereo