Can algae save the world?

    As with most new technologies, the arguments surrounding biofuels are complex. We've used three questions to help you consider the issues, weigh up the pros and cons and decide what you think. Do you think algae can save the world?

    You can use these questions to help you weigh up any other technology that claims to slow down climate change. And there are lots out there.

    • Will it really slow down climate change?
    • Is it really possible?
    • Will it have bad effects?  

     Technology alone can't solve climate change, but it can help. Scientists think, rather rather pinning our hopes on one idea, we'll need to develop a combination of technologies.

    What do you think will save the world?

    At the Science Museum, we're collecting people's thoughts and ideas on this question and putting them on display in the Antenna gallery. We want to know what you think, so email your answer in no more than 30 words to and we'll add a selection of the ideas to the other comments.