Lightning, 1899

    Energy - fuelling the future

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    Explore how energy powers every aspect of your life, where it comes from and how the planet is coping. Do we have all the energy supplies we need? Discover the latest ideas on how we'll change to meet our growing energy demands.

    The story of steam

    The story of steam power stretches from attempts to harness atmospheric pressure in the 1600s to the steam turbines we depend upon today.

    The impact of steam

    Steam power has had a big impact on the working lives of many thousands of people. Find out about how the steam enginge change people's lives.

    Steam pioneers

    Learn about the steam pioneers - from James Watt to Richard Trevithick - and how they sold the steam engine to the world.

    Atomic firsts

    Who split the atom and what was its importance? Find out about some famous discoveries that helped determine the structure of the atom.

    Steam engines at work

    We've animated some of the full-size steam engines in our collections, so you can see how they work.

    Steam Power

    Steam power is harnessed to meet Britain's energy needs.

    Smashing the atom

    Nuclear power is accompanied by ambiguity.