Everyday Things

    Woman taking milk from a fridge, 1950

    New choices in consumer goods

    While goods get cheaper, some fight on for ‘truth to materials’ and ‘good design’.

    Personal computers & information networks

    Inventors barely out of school start a global computer revolution.

    The rise of the factory system

    Factories were idealised but often unusual workplaces.

    Atomic Clocks

    The time by which we all live is now maintained by incredibly accurate atomic clocks. Find out how they work, why we need their accuracy and how they may become even better in the future.


    The invention of the typewriter had little initial impact on those who only trusted their pens. Yet as acceptance grew, so the machine became a stimulus for changes in the workplace, and an icon of a time before the personal computer.

    Home comforts

    Domestic technologies transform kitchens, home entertainment and home improvements.

    Mass consumption

    New techniques drive down the price of everyday objects.

    Empire, navy and trade

    A maritime culture transforms British culture and identity.