Shackleton's Man Goes South

Shackleton's Man Goes South

Tony White

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Tony White - Shackleton's Man Goes South

  • 2013
  • e-book
  • Currently on display
  • Location: atmosphere ...exploring climate science, second floor Wellcome Wing

Shackleton's Man Goes South is the new novel by author Tony White premiering exclusively at the Science Museum. This thought-provoking new work of fiction is free to download as an e-book from the Atmosphere gallery where a display charts some of the scientific and literary inspiration behind the novel.

By interweaving interviews with scientists working at the cutting-edge of contemporary climate science, with a fictional narrative of a post-melt world, Shackleton's Man Goes South allows us to imagine multiple potential futures generated by changes to our climate. White says, "As a novelist I like to explore new ways to communicate directly with readers, to go where readers are, so it has been amazing to work with the Science Museum on this innovative project."

Shackleton's Man Goes South is the 2013 Atmosphere gallery art commission.


About the artist

Tony White (born 1964) is the author of the critically acclaimed novel Foxy-T (Faber and Faber), numerous short stories and the non-fiction work Another Fool in the Balkans (Cadogan). His recent novella Dicky Star and the Garden Rule (Forma) was specially commissioned to accompany work by artists Jane and Louise Wilson.

White wrote the interactive SMS based drama Ivy4Evr with Blast Theory for Channel 4, which was shortlisted for a BIMA Award, and in 2012 he was commissioned by Situations and Bristol City Council to create Missorts a permanent public artwork for the city.

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