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Image Catherine Yass

Catherine Yass - Steel

  • Temporary gallery intervention
  • 13 May - 16 July 1997
  • Location: Challenge of Materials gallery, first floor (no longer on display)

Steel is a series of six light boxes of interior and exterior images of Port Talbot Steelworks in Wales, created by Catherine Yass in response to her time spent at the works. The artwork explores the industrial environment and was shown as a temporary intervention in the Challenge of Materials gallery. Yass uses a technique of superimposing positive and negative films so that highlights are transformed into intense blues, white areas take on a gold tinge and other colours are untouched. In the industrial environment of a steelworks, saturated with intense heat and light, Yass creates scenes loaded with a sense of the unfamiliar and mystery.

'Seeing my images in a scientific context allowed me to think about them in a new way. I hope that the abstract nature of the image, with all the fog and steam from the steelworkers, conveyed something of the uncertainty and ambiguity of some scientific processes.' Catherine Yass

  • Ffotogallery, Cardiff commissioned exhibition

About the artist

British artist Catherine Yass (born 1963) creates photographs exploring the psychological impact of architectural space. Her images are often intensely coloured and are given a strong presence as a result of being mounted on light boxes.

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