Lightning Panel

Lightning Panel

Charlie Hooker

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Image Science Museum/Patu Tifinger

Charlie Hooker - Lightning Panel

  • 1998
  • Installation
  • Currenty on display
  • Location: basement

Inspired by meteorological phenomena and astronomical events, Charlie Hooker created Lightning Panel, a metal grid covered in gold leaf over which an electrical current of 70,000 volts is passed to produce 'indoor lightning'. The work is located within a discreet panel on the wall, so the viewer has to peer into the small aperture to experience an intimate interaction with the awesome electrical phenomena. Hooker’s choice of gold and blue in the design of the installation references religious iconography, creating a strong link between science, art and religion.

About the artist

British artist Charlie Hooker (born 1953) has worked in many disciplines from dance, music and theatre to sculpture and image-making. Since the 1990s he has created installations which combine mechanical and electrical power with natural elements such as wind, water and sunshine to generate audible and visual movement within sculptures.

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