Christian Moeller

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Image Andreas Schmidt

Christian Moeller - Particles

  • 2000
  • Interactive installation (computer software, computer system, algorithmically generated sound, speakers and cameras)
  • Location: Digitopolis, second floor Wellcome Wing (no longer on display)

As visitors entered the seemingly empty Particles environment they triggered a dazzling array of elongated animated particles projected onto a screen to create a dynamic silhouette of the visitor in motion. Visitors' movements produced rapidly shifting clusters as the particles proved to be magnetically attracted to the human outline form. Algorithmically generated electronic sounds accompanied the particles' movements as participants performed a variety of movements working with, or attempting to 'brush off', the swarming particles.

About the artist

German artist Christian Moeller (born 1959) produces work characterised by an interest in the relationships technology can build between people and buildings or spaces in which they operate. He works with contemporary media technologies to produce innovative, often subversive, intense physical events, realised at a range of sizes, from hand-held objects to architectural-scale installations.

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