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Artist in residence


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Cybersalon - Artist in residence

  • December 2003 - October 2006

During a three-year residency, artists' collective Cybersalon hosted events and exhibitions at the Science Museum's Dana Centre exploring the social, political and practical impact of new technologies and the resultant artistic and commercial innovations and fusions that influence our day-to-day lives.

In 2005 and 2006 Cybersalon also presented Cybersonica, a festival of electronic music, sonic art and audiovisual fusion in the Dana Centre. The festival brought together a vibrant community of sonic and audiovisual innovation, nurtured new talent and showcased contemporary work in the field.

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About the artist

Cybersalon is a 'community of interest' - a free association of like-minded people interested in contemporary digital culture. Operating on a voluntary basis it draws together academics, students, digital artists, new-media practitioners and an interested public in a social networking forum.

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Cybersalon events held in the Dana Centre

Web of Intrigue: An Investigation into Conspiracy and the Internet
11 December 2003
Sifting fact from fiction with an exploration of conspiracy and the internet. Is there a conspiracy meme? Is the internet itself set to become the plaything of hidden agencies?

Mobile Futures: An Investigation into the Nature and Impact of the Ubiquitous Mobile
29 April 2004
How are mobile phones changing our personal and social space? Should the networks have sole control of wireless development? Has mobile technology liberated communication or revealed a darker, more dysfunctional side to our natures? With mobile phones used as everything from detonators in the Madrid bombings to child security devices, what are we to make of this increasingly indispensable technology?

Artificial Intelligence: Imaginary Future or Imminent Possibility?
27 May 2004
A discussion that investigated our fascination with ‘thinking machines’. Is this nothing more than a sci-fi fantasy left over from the Cold War? Or are the latest advances in computing about to realise this dream?

New Media Education
17 June 2004
Casting a critical eye over teaching new media at universities.

Diaspora (exhibition)
18-19 June 2004
Diaspora was an exhibition of current work by students and alumni of the MA in hypermedia studies at the University of Westminster, and accompanied the New Media Education event.

E-democracy or E-hypocrisy?
21 September 2004
Discussions and demonstrations of technology exploring the issues of e-democracy, e-voting and how to extend citizen participation. Can digital technology make democracy more than placing an X on a card every five years?

Virally Yours - featuring the Great Viral Marketing Debate
6 October 2004
Debate that explored the use, abuse and cultural impact of viral marketing.

Social Space in a Virtual World
14 December 2004
Cyberia, the world’s first fully internet-enabled café, opened in London in the mid 1990s. Founder Eva Pascoe discussed how internet cafés have evolved over the years and what their role is today. In collaboration with New Media Knowledge.

Wearable Computing
18 January 2005
How close are we to the vision of the ubiquitous, body-worn computer - as portable and as personal as clothes or jewellery? Does wearable computing promise a new form of human-computer interaction?

Venus Rising: Mobile Technology in the 21st Century
19 April 2005
If we assume that women use technology differently from men, then it follows that their approach to design and innovation would differ as well. In a field dominated by males, are we properly recognising the contributions and perspectives from female innovators?

Cybersonica (festival)
28-29 April 2005
A two-day festival of symposiums‚ keynote addresses‚ live performance‚ exhibitions and installations which explored how new technologies are shaping and changing the way musicians‚ artists‚ DJs‚ VJs and animators make and present their work.

Wireless Utopias 05: An Open Future for Spectrum?
26 May 2005
A debate on the future of wireless communications and the strategic prospects for utilising the radio spectrum. In collaboration with Open Spectrum UK.

Future Wireless
4 October 2005
Scanning the horizon of wireless communication to explore its emerging landscape and ecology. In collaboration with Open Spectrum UK.

The Future of Creativity and Innovation
15 December 2005
Speculating how media and communications technologies are interacting and impacting on society, economics, politics and culture. In collaboration with New Media Knowledge.

Creative Software
23 March 2006
A one-day event that featured workshops, artist talks, an exhibition of selected works and an evening panel discussion involving leading practitioners, academics and curators in the field. An investigation into the relationship between art and technology, exploring the history, context and approaches of artists who write their own software and/or author their own code to produce creative outputs. Part of Node.London 2006.

Cybersonica (festival)
19-20 May 2006
A two-day festival of symposiums‚ keynote addresses‚ live performance‚ exhibitions and installations which explored creative interactivity - moving beyond the ‘screen‚ keyboard‚ mouse scenario’ to works that respond to physical input‚ proximity‚ sound‚ kinetics‚ elapsed time and the surrounding environment.

Artful Gaming (exhibition)
2-6 October 2006
A week-long exhibition that explored new ideas from the alternative gaming community. What will the next generation of games look, sound and feel like?

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