Digitopolis Poems

Digitopolis Poems

Michael Rosen

© Andreas Schmidt

© Andreas Schmidt

Michael Rosen - Digitopolis Poems

  • 2000
  • Poetry
  • Location: Digitopolis, second floor Wellcome Wing (no longer on display)

In 2000 Michael Rosen was commissioned to create poems for the Digitopolis gallery. The poems were printed large scale across glass structures in the gallery. The Digitopolis gallery explored the extraordinary ways new technologies change our experience of the world.

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About the artist

Michael Rosen is a broadcaster, children's novelist and poet and the author of 140 books. He was appointed as the fifth Children’s Laureate in June 2007.

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The Poems

When Buzz and Woody
played our heroes,
behind the scenes
they are ones and zeros.
So art
and imagination
became a giant

A sound engineer
with a very sound ear
seized the chance
to digitally enhance
some sound he'd found.
He was so entranced,
he danced.
On and on
he boogied, he bopped,
he couldn' stop.
So now when people go
walking past his studio
they see him
in the grip of rhythm
by the sound._
What you hear is what you see,
what you see is what you hear.
Now the shape is the tune
and the tune is the shape.
Use the sound that moves you,
move the sound that soothes you.
You can cut, you can mix
you can dub, you can fix.
What you see is what you hear
What you hear is what you see._

The screen is the dream.
Behind is the mind.
Every spot, every dot
we’ve seen on the screen
is a code that was stowed.
Behind is the mind.
The screen is the dream._

"Hi! Can't talk! I'm on the bus.
Going home? Me too! That's us,
nowhere to go but home. Great.
Which one are you on? 38?
Me too! Where are you?
The Angel? No! Me too!
You're not at the front, are you?
You'll never guess – me too!
Oh there you are...
Hi! Can't talk! I'm on the mobile."_

I am a robot.
I am writing a poem.
Poems are about flowers.
Poems are about love.
Poems are about beautiful things.
I am not a flower.
I am not in love.
I may or may not be beautiful.
I am a robot.
That is the end of my poem._
If a computer
laughs when the clown gets hit by
custard pies,
if a computer
can't stop itself
from telling lies,
if a computer
wants to be your friend,
if a computer
likes stories but cries at the end
it's not a computer._

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