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onedotzero: Screening of Graphic Cities 05 (1)

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Digital Reality Fly-Through

various artists - NODE.London

  • March 2006
  • Events
  • Location: Science Museum's Dana Centre and London-wide

NODE.London (Networked Open Distributed Events London) was a series of events run by diverse groups of media artists and organisations across London in March 2006. Designed to be an open, participatory season supporting and stimulating media arts.

The festival responded to the ways in which people across London are finding new and creative ways to produce, display and distribute art and media, and exciting new ways to work, connect and communicate - from collaborative mapping projects on the street, to community radio and free wireless networks in the air.

The Dana Centre's 'cluster' season for NODE.London concentrated on experimentation, participation and young up-and-coming practitioners through a programme of debates, presentations and screenings. The Science Museum recognises the role artists have in championing the cultural, aesthetic and ethical questions at the forefront of new technological developments, alongside functionality, usability, purpose and application.

'As we move deeper into the information age, it is important that we readily take stock of the media that define our work, play and environmental experiences. It is equally important that we have fun, recognise ourselves as producers and consumers, defining as well as being defined by our media.' Hannah Redler, Head of Science Museum Arts Projects

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Media Art Soapbox
Various artists
2 March 2006

Media Art Soapbox was the Science Museum's response to the grassroots approach of NODE.London and an opportunity for London-based media artists to present their work on a first-come, first-served basis, rather than going through a heavily curated selection process.

Tina Gonsalves
7 March 2006

In collaboration with Dr Hugo Critchley, Dr Doron Friedman and Tuvi Orbach, artist Tina Gonsalves presented Feel, a work in progress. Wearing highly sensitive bio-sensors, participants' psychophysical bodies were monitored and diagnosed to create an emotional map, in real time, to develop a new language of interactive and emotional communication.

Screening of Graphic Cities 05
7-9 March 2006

Digital arts organisation onedotzero presented Graphic Cities 05, short animated visions by cutting-edge artists that reflect and re-imagine the urban environment. From unusual concepts of urban living to poetic city travelogues, new international perspectives from across the globe showed the metropolis as a continuing source of creative stimulation.

Digital Reality Fly-Through
Various artists
7 March 2006

In Digital Reality Fly-Through, artists, programmers and designers were invited to critically explore representations of CG reality in cinema, gaming and animation. Contributors included Bruno Martelli (Igloo), Helen Sloan (Director of SCAN), Hannah Redler (Head of Science Museum Arts Projects), Martin Parker (Framestore), Tanya Kryswinska, Marco Gillies (University College London) and David Surman (University of Wales). The event was co-curated by SCAN, the New Media Art Agency in the South of England, and Science Museum Arts Projects.

Open to All - Get In-to-Net Art
Andy Deck
8 March 2006

Artist Andy Deck creates software which allows you to be creative, collaborative or, if you feel like it, destructive. Whatever you do, you are always modifying and re-creating the art for the next person. Participation is at the heart of Andy's work and during this event participants had the opportunity to play with his online creations Imprimatur, Glyphiti, Open Studio and Icontext. The event was a collaboration between Andy Deck, HTTP gallery and Science Museum Arts Projects.

Tricks of the Psych Trade: a triple bill
Various artists
9 March 2006

Artists Julie Freeman and Peter Myers joined scientist Dr Emma Lawrence for the interactive event Tricks of the Psych Trade, exploring the methods commonly used to study social cognition and empathy in the laboratory. Accompanying the event was In Sound Mind by Julie Freeman, an interactive sound installation inspired by brain scanning procedures, and an exhibition of drawings by Peter Myers, an artist with Asperger's syndrome. Dr Emma Lawrence was supported by the British Psychological Society for this event.

Creative Software
Cybersalon and Digital Research Unit
23 March 2006

Creative Software was a one-day event featuring workshops, artist talks, an exhibition of selected works and an evening panel discussion involving leading practitioners, academics and curators in the field. The programme investigated the relationship between art and technology and explored the history, context and approaches of artists who write their own software and/or author their own code to produce creative outputs.

TAKEAWAY Festival - Do-It-Yourself Media
Karel Dudesek and Ravensbourne College Postgraduate Programme
29-31 March 2006

More people are transforming from media consumers to media producers. TAKEAWAY Festival was a series of hands-on workshops, exhibitions, lectures and discussions about new media exploring the new tools, software and technologies now at our disposal and how to be a part of the new-media revolution. TAKEAWAY is an ongoing festival in its own right - for more information visit:

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