Nye Parry - Triptych

  • 2001
  • Performance
  • Location: Who am I? gallery, first floor Wellcome Wing (no longer available to view)

Composer Nye Parry responded to an invitation to make a vocal work for the Who am I? gallery by creating Triptych, a composition performed by three female vocalists from different traditions: classical soprano Jessica Summers, pop/folk vocalist Barbara Gaskin and north Indian singer Najma Akhtar.

Combining the oldest musical instrument, the human voice, with the newest, the computer, Triptych explored notions of personal and cultural identity. The vocalists were each given the same basic musical material and asked to interpret it according to their normal practice. The results were recorded and an eight-channel tape part was created in which the singers' identities were variously fused and separated. They performed live with the tape, asserting their identities in human form as they wandered through the gallery and among its visitors.

Listen to an excerpt of Triptych (mp3)

About the artist

Nye Parry (born 1965) is a composer and sound artist working in installation, multimedia and contemporary dance.

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