Sound Curtain

Sound Curtain


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Sound Curtain by Scanner - © Andreas Schmidt

Scanner - Sound Curtain

  • 2000
  • Sound installation
  • Currently on display
  • Location: Talking Points, ground floor Wellcome Wing

Sound Curtain reveals a series of amplified 'hidden' sounds that are part of our daily lives but not usually registered by our ears - blood rushing through the body, the humming of a light bulb, mobile phone interference, the pulsing of the Sun’s light. The sounds are diverting and thought-provoking, offering a renewed awareness of our environment and a realisation of how science itself speaks in its very own language. Visitors trigger Sound Curtain when they enter the space between the ground floor of the Wellcome Wing and the public toilets.

About the artist

British artist Robin Rimbaud (born 1964), also known as Scanner, explores sound, space, image and form, creating multi-layered sound pieces that manipulate technology in unconventional ways. He has collaborated with musicians and artists including Radiohead, Laurie Anderson, Merce Cunningham and Steve McQueen.

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