Fuel Drop Explosion

Fuel Drop Explosion

Simon Tegala

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Fuel Drop Explosion by Simon Tegala - © Patu Tifinger

Simon Tegala - Fuel Drop Explosion

  • 2005
  • Video
  • Currently on display
  • Location: Energy - fuelling the future, second floor

Fuel Drop Explosion shows a drop of petrol forming very slowly. Finally it drips off and explodes in a flash of fire, light and sound. The fuel drop and the flame are very different: one is a slowly forming liquid, the other is a fast, bright and hot explosion. But there is energy in both of them and this film shows how beautiful and strange energy's transformations can be. The artist was fascinated by the ephemeral nature of fuel and says: 'Fuel Drop Explosion can be interpreted as an hourglass - one day our resources will run out.'

About the artist

The British artist Simon Tegala (born 1973) works in a variety of different media, including digital art, drawings, photographs, sculpture and video. His projects are characterised by an involvement with danger, risk or process.

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