Lifestyle Affects Appearance

Lifestyle Affects Appearance

Wendy McMurdo

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Life Affects Appearance - © Wendy McMurdo 2000, Courtesy the artist

Wendy McMurdo - Lifestyle Affects Appearance

  • 2000
  • Photograph
  • Currently on display
  • Location: Who am I?, first floor Wellcome Wing

In October 2000, Wendy McMurdo was commissioned as part of an artist residency to explore the relationship between new technologies and early learning. Her past work has focused on looking at ways in which rapid developments in science have affected the ways in which we picture and describe ourselves. During her residency, McMurdo spent a number of days observing and photographing children visiting and exploring the Who am I? gallery. How children learn and behave in museums formed the central theme for Lifestyle Affects Appearance, which shows a girl that appears to have been startled from deep thought when Wendy photographed her peering into one of the Who am I? display cases. What did she discover that makes her look so uncertain? Perhaps she was considering how her own physical identity could be affected by rapid developments in biomedical science.

About the artist

Scottish artist Wendy McMurdo (born 1962) frequently uses digital manipulation in order to create images that have drama, mystery and presence. In the mid 1990s McMurdo became particularly interested in the then-evolving medium of digital media and examined the impact of digital technologies on traditional representational photography. In 2009 she completed The Skater, a series of work examining the impact of digital gaming on the young.

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