effective, defective, creative

effective, defective, creative

Yinka Shonibare

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Effective, defective, creative by Yinka Shonibare - © Andreas Schmidt

Yinka Shonibare - effective, defective, creative

  • 2000
  • Video projection
  • Currently on display
  • Location: Talking Points, ground floor Wellcome Wing

Effective, defective, creative investigates ethical dilemmas generated by advances in medicine. Shonibare persuaded pregnant women deemed to be 'at risk' of delivering a 'defective' baby to allow him to use moving-image footage of their ultrasound scans in his work. The artwork cycles through three phases of moving fetuses with visible, strong pulsing hearts flashing up one after the other. The first phase is labelled 'effective', the second 'defective' and the third is a montage of both labelled 'creative'.

The work raises some unsettling questions about our attitudes towards the various ways a human baby may develop.

About the artist

Yinka Shonibare (born 1962) is a British artist who explores multiculturalism, identity and social morality in his work. His art blurs the boundaries of design, ethnography and contemporary art and is notorious for subverting cultural stereotypes.

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