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Open seven days a week, 10.00-18.00. Entry to the Museum is free.

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Medicine and Health

Our main medical galleries are on the fourth and fifth floors. Don’t miss the vivid and occasionally gruesome dioramas in Glimpses of Medical history.

The Science and Art of Medicine contains hundreds of medical objects, many collected by the luxuriantly moustachioed Sir Henry Wellcome. There’s everything from the world’s oldest surviving medical chest to a Chinese acupuncture model and one of the first implantable pacemakers.

Who am I? on the first floor explores the way biomedical science is challenging our perceptions of our own identity, behaviour and origins.

Plus we’ve got the most important piece of mould you’ll ever see. There’s an early sample of Penicillin in Making the Modern World along with one of the first X-ray machines and Crick and Watson’s molecular model of DNA.


Glimpses of Medical History

Explore medical scenes from Neolithic times to 1980


The Science and Art of Medicine

Discover treasures that tell the fascinating story of medicine


Making the Modern World

See Stephenson’s Rocket, the Apollo 10 command module and much more


Who Am I?

Who am I? investigates everyone’s favourite subject – themselves

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