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Open seven days a week, 10.00-18.00. Entry to the Museum is free.

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Off-beat treats

We’ve got rockets, engines and X-ray machines, but we’ve also got mummies, an obese mouse and half of a very clever brain.

The obese mouse – genetically modified so it didn’t know when it was full – is in Who am I? along with the seven-toed cat and a case of items that can trigger phobias including spiders, needles and, of course, beads.

Tucked away in a corner of Computing you’ll find half of Charles Babbage’s brain (the other half is in another museum). Brains of ‘great men’ were often kept in the 19th Century to try and discover the secret of their greatness.

Otherworldly items in Cosmos & Culture include a dark matter detector and a map of the moon and in Glimpses of Medical History you can peer into some strange scenes including an unfortunate Neolithic man having his skull trepanned.

The Science and Art of Medicine, tucked away on the fifth floor is full of unexpected items. You can see mummies (cat and human), leech jars, a castle made of drugs and a mortsafe – a device designed to protect the deceased from grave-robbing resurrectionists.

Find out how flushing toilets work in The Secret Life of the Home and get up close and personal with an astronaut nappy in Exploring Space.

And there are some odd experiences to be had too. You can talk baby names with a pregnant man or dress up as a cockroach to discuss human progress.


Who Am I?

Who am I? investigates everyone’s favourite subject – themselves



Trace the development of early computers


Cosmos & Culture

Find out how people have studied the night sky


Glimpses of Medical History

Explore medical scenes from Neolithic times to 1980


The Science and Art of Medicine

Discover treasures that tell the fascinating story of medicine


The Secret Life of the Home

Trace the development of household gadgets and gizmos


Exploring Space

Marvel at rockets, satellites, space probes, landers and more

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