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Open seven days a week, 10.00-18.00. Entry to the Museum is free.

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A-List attractions

The Science Museum is the place to be. Celebrities from stage, screen and science lab all drop by to see our A-list objects.

The space scientist Maggie Aderin-Pocock would send you to Exploring Space to see the exquisitely detailed model of the Hugyens lander. Listen to her explaining why the mission was so important.

The Making of the Modern World gallery is where you’ll find most of our star objects. James May reveres the Apollo 10 Command Module because ‘it represents the furthest reach to date of manned exploration’.

A dish of mould is a must-see for Paul Nurse, President of the Royal Society and Nobel Laureate. Our early sample of Penicillin might not look like it changed the world but as he can tell you it certainly did.

Nearby is Crick and Watson’s DNA molecular model, which science writer Judith Hann calls ‘the most important of all scientific breakthroughs’.

Journalist Samira Ahmed would direct you towards the wind tunnel models of Concorde, and Jools Holland, Musician and TV presenter, would send you off to be mesmerised by ‘the purposeful beauty’ of the Jet 1 gas turbine car.

And finally – Liz Bonnin, Biochemist, Wild Animal Biologist and TV Presenter – would send you up to The Science and Art of Medicine to see ‘everything from 16th Century medicine chests filled with little bottles to the fantastic artificial arm and noses dating back to the 17th Century.’

These celebrity endorsements first appeared on our Great British Innovations website or were part of our Centenary celebrations.


Exploring Space

Marvel at rockets, satellites, space probes, landers and more


Making the Modern World

See Stephenson’s Rocket, the Apollo 10 command module and much more


The Science and Art of Medicine

Discover treasures that tell the fascinating story of medicine

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