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Open seven days a week, 10.00-18.00. Entry to the Museum is free.


The Atmosphere gallery is a fresh and exciting way to make sense of the climate – the science of how it works, what it’s doing now and what it might do next.

Step into a different world, with its own land, oceans, ice and, above your head, its delicate atmosphere. Follow five fast and fun games and see your actions played out before your eyes in this immersive and interactive gallery.

Explore our climate-changing world as you travel through the landscape. Go back in time to find key moments in the multibillion-year history of the Earth’s climate. Uncover the secrets of ice cores and stalagmites, then head back to the future to wonder at the latest ideas for a low-carbon life.

Dig deeper into the story of our changing climate by visiting Atmosphere in The Wellcome Wing.

The Science Museum developed the content for this gallery through extensive research and engagement with scientists and experts, including expertise from the Met Office as principal content contributor.

Atmosphere....exploring climate science

Watch this preview of how the Atmosphere gallery explains climate science through five fast and interactive games.


Explore how climate science works
Floor: 2
Open: Permanent