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The history of particles

The 20th century witnessed incredible inventions and discoveries as physicists delved ever deeper inside the atom. From the apparatus used to identify the first subatomic particle to the photograph that confirmed the existence of antimatter, Collider showcases some of the most significant objects from the history of physics.

Videos | JJ Thomson and the first particle | CTR Wilson's cloud chamberThe foundations of CERN

Videos: See history being made

Watch the Collider team as they introduce their personal object highlights.

Collider content developer Rupert Cole takes a look at the object that uncovered the first subatomic particle more than a century ago: JJ Thomson’s cathode ray tube.

The Collider team visit Cambridge’s Cavendish Laboratory to see the first detector that allowed scientists to see "particles", the cloud chamber.

Collider curator Dr Harry Cliff takes a look at a photograph that changed our understanding of the subatomic world, the first photograph of a particle of antimatter, the positron.