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Open seven days a week, 10.00-18.00. Entry to the Museum is free.

Energy Hall

The Energy Hall traces the remarkable story of steam and how it shaped the world we live in today.

Steam has been the driving force behind British industry for 300 years. Without it, the Industrial Revolution could never have happened. Even now, steam provides 75% of the electricity we use every day.

Discover an unparalleled collection of historic full-size engines and models. Displays include:

  • The oldest surviving and unaltered atmospheric engine
  • Rotative engines built by James Watt
  • High-pressure engines of the type pioneered by Richard Trevithick
  • A steam turbine designed and built by Charles Parsons

Visit the Energy Hall to gain a unique insight into how steam engines developed over time.

Energy Hall

Explore a collection of historic full-size steam engines
Floor: G
Open: Permanent