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Creature with wings and fur body

Joan Fontcuberta: Stranger Than Fiction

Discover Fontcuberta's photographic images in his first major UK exhibition

23 July – 9 November 2014
Media Space Gallery
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Discover the incredible fictions of Joan Fontcuberta in his first major UK exhibition, featuring six conceptually independent narratives that mix fact with fiction and science with art.

“Photography is a tool to negotiate our idea of reality. Thus it is the responsibility of photographers to not contribute with anaesthetic images but rather to provide images that shake consciousness.”
–  Joan Fontcuberta

Winner of the 2013 Hasselblad Foundation International Award in Photography, Fontcuberta uses the storytelling capabilities of photographic imagery to create a reality that is convincing, mischievous and visually compelling.

“The way he pulls the rug out from under our cognitive feet continues to be amusing and philosophically intriguing.”
– The New York Times, on Joan Fontcuberta’s Constellations

You can find out more about the exhibition's narratives - Fauna, Herbarium, Orogenesis, Constellations, Sirens and Karelia - in the image gallery below.

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  • The curious creatures of the mysterious Prof Peter Ameisenhaufen’s lost archive are featured in the Fauna series.
    Credits : Cercophitecus Icarocornu from the Fauna series by Joan Fontcuberta and Pere Formiguera, 1985. © Joan Fontcuberta and Pere Formiguera
  • The Herbarium series features beautiful and eye-opening photographs of rare plant species.
    Credits : Braohypoda Frustrata from the Herbarium series by Joan Fontcuberta, 1984. © Joan Fontcuberta
  • Contemporary artistic landscapes are brought to vivid life by Fontcuberta with the computer language of geographers in the Orogenesis series.
    Credits : Watkins, 2004 from the Orogenesis series by Joan Fontcuberta. © Joan Fontcuberta
  • In Mu Draconis Fontcuberta creates magnificent images of starry skies that invite consideration of our relationship with pictures and what they represent.
    Credits : Mu Draconis (Mags 5.7 5.7) from the Constellations series by Joan Fontcuberta. © Joan Fontcuberta
  • Documentary photos of astonishing fossil discoveries that could show the evolutionary link between fish and man are featured in the Sirens series.
    Credits : Hydropithecus of Cerro de San Vicente, from the Sirens series by Joan Fontcuberta, 2006. © Joan Fontcuberta
  • The Karelia series features Fontcuberta’s exposé of a Finnish monastery where it is said monks learn how to perform miracles.
    Credits : The Miracle of Dolphin-Surfing, 2002, Joan Fontcuberta. © Joan Fontcuberta

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Find out the inspiration behind Fontcuberta's incredible fictions

Stranger Than Fiction is presented in collaboration with the Government of Catalonia, organiser of the Catalan Tercentenary programme.

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About the exhibition

Floor: 2
Price: Adults: £8.00 Concessions: £5.00