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Open seven days a week, 10.00-18.00. Entry to the Museum is free.

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Our Lives in Data

Wednesday 31 August

Join the invisible revolution

Over 18s only
This month’s Lates discovers how much we share about ourselves without even saying a word.

Experts will be demonstrating exactly what messages your phone sends about you, how to avoid facial recognition technology, what data smells like, and how to take holiday videos without lifting a finger.

We'll also be joined by a pair of award-winning science writers. Ed Yong will take you on an eye-opening tour of the microbes that influence our lives, and Mary Roach will explore the curious science of humans at war.

This Lates will blow your mind and grab hold of your privacies. You'll be so full of data you’ll need a RAM boost.

Plus, all the regular Lates highlights are waiting for you to enjoy, including live music, the Punk Science comedy show and the best silent disco in town.

Science Museum Lates are adults–only, after-hours theme nights that take place in the Museum on the last Wednesday of every month. Each entry in this hugely popular ongoing series of events centres on a different theme: from sex to climate change, from Churchill’s wartime scientists to childhood.

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Inspiring, enlightening and unbelievably good fun, Lates always draw a crowd, so we strongly suggest you arrive early to ensure the best chance of getting in. Be advised that you may have to queue before a timed event.


Science(ish) Live
Rick Edwards, flâneur and irrepressible commentator, and Dr Michael Brooks, editor-at-large of 'New Scientist', delve into the science behind popular culture live on stage as part of Science(ish) Lates. In an immersive audio-visual experience, with special guests, the boys will dissect big data movies 'Her', 'Ex Machina' and 'Enemy of the State' to figure out if there’s any science within the fiction. This unique experience will be turned into a podcast released on radiowolfgang.com – don’t miss out!
Tickets are limited and can be booked for free

Make Art from Data
Data is becoming currency – it’s used, bought and sold every day. The vastness of it is both scary and exciting. Get creative with the Signal Noise team and discover how you can create real insight into data through design. 

Taking Selfies Without a Camera
Ever forgotten your camera on a day out? Luckily the city is full of CCTV cameras. Find out how to get a copy of the photos they take, and any other data they might have... 

The Science Museum Comedy Club
The Science Museum's resident comedy team Punk Science answers the call of duty to celebrate games – but they don’t have a monopoly on it. Turning the evening into a multi-player affair, Infinite Monkey Cage host Robin Ince and Festival of the Spoken Nerd’s geek songstress Helen Arney are joining them. Plus, curator of consumer technology Helen Peavitt talks about the games kept in the national collection. Get your tickets and join the pack, man.
Tickets are limited and cost £9 per person 

Also on this month

Think (Talks and object related events)

  • Data trails – What do you leave behind?
  • I contain multitudes: The microbes within us and a grander view of life
  • Big data: Does size matter?
  • The curious science of humans at war
  • Our lives in data – our newest exhibition open for you to see
  • The secret life of your mobile phone
  • Dear data - information pen-pals
  • Your health data: Really private and really useful
  • Big data can be beautiful
  • Can touch this – Science Museum volunteers show you their objects
  • Hidden gems – Science Museum curators show you their objects

Experience (Active events such as shows and demonstrations)

  • Image recognition treasure hunt
  • Smell of data
  • Dress for our time – The data dress
  • Jam 'n' thing – Let the experts into your phone
  • Data collator – Your opinions matter
  • Genomes in VR – Inside you
  • Play datopolis: The data board game
  • Big data in the family – Genealogy the tech way
  • Visually exploring Bitcoin
  • Visualising the internet with the BBC
  • What can your phone tell us about you?
  • Creative processors: 
    • Beer that learns
    • Data on the dance floor
    • Machine versing
    • The find engine
  • Human data Zone:
    • Transport for London
    • Genomics England
    • Macroscope
    • Mappiness

Create (Hand-on creative workshops)

  • Del–Eat your cookies
  • Secret data – share your private data without anyone knowing
  • Draw your data portrait – answers on a postcard please
  • Screen grab – screen printing at it's best
  • Shake it like a Polaroid – Tweet or Instagram an image to #smlates and then print it out 

Regular events

  • The Science Museum Comedy Club – Tickets cost £9 per person and are limited. Pre-book to gain VIP entry to the Museum but tickets are also available from any ticket desk.
  • Leonardo da Vinci: The Mechanics of Genius – Entrance fee applies (Lates half-price offer: £5 per person)
  • Fox Talbot: Dawn of the Photograph – Entrance fee applies (Lates half-price offer: £4 per person)
  • Wounded: Conflict, Casualties and Care – Free entry
  • Fly our simulators – Red Arrows and Fly 360° both discounted rates for Lates 
  • Silent Disco – Grab a headset, select your tunes and dance until you drop.

Wednesday 31 August 2016


Admission free although some events may require a ticket


Lates: A night of free adults-only entertainment at the Science Museum