Explainers - Dan

As an Explainer Developer, Dan finds time to develop demonstrations, resources and training, assist with the operational running of the Explainer unit as well as explaining in our galleries.

About Dan




Nine years working with primary aged children with special educational needs including teaching ICT.

Shows/demos performed

Water Rocket demonstration, Thermal Imaging Camera Demonstration, Bubble Demonstration, Stronger By Design, The Rocket Show, The Bubble Show, Glorious Blood, The Three Little Pigs .

Favourite Launchpad exhibit

The Light Table.

Favourite gallery and object in the Museum

Making The Modern World and the Apollo X command module.

Projects you're involved with in the Explainer unit

Looking after the team in charge of Launchpad extensions (additional experiments to supplement the exhibits), making Makaton resources and training, looking after Museum Learning Apprentices, helping with part-timers' days and developing the magnetism demo.


Computer games, the internet and doing overtime!

Interesting fact?

I often write and present the pub quiz at Lates.