Summer of Sport at the Science Museum

Find out how science and technology will deliver an excellent performance at sporting events this summer and in future.

The Antenna gallery has four exhibits dedicated to looking at the science and technology of sports. There will also be several exciting interactive events throughout summer.

Salsa Dancing Scientists

Is dancing really a good form of exercise? Come and find out with our salsa dancing scientist from Kingston University.

Super Speedy Sprint

Elite athletes are lucky enough to have their running shoes made especially for them. Will this technology take the leap to the high street?

Sports Sense

How do scientists monitor athletes performing at breakneck speed without slowing them down?

Making Strides

How do you fix up a Paralympian’s prosthetic or high-performance wheelchair?


World-class gymnastics is a display of grace, power and sheer talent - and some serious science.

From elite to high street

Sports engineers from Staffordshire University are designing the ultimate running shoe: a footwear innovation that will change the way we all run.

Shake your way to fitness

Join scientists from the Biomechanics Information Group and find out if their vibrating platforms can help you to increase your flexibility and strength.


A mobile talk show with a conversation that can go anywhere! Scientists from King’s College London talk about their research into drug testing.