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Journeys of Invention iPad app

This app is available on iPad:

Download Journeys of Invention from the App Store

Imagine if you could take some of the most intriguing exhibits from the Museum home to touch and explore.

Discover more of the Science Museum’s extraordinary collection with our iPad app, taking you on 14 interactive journeys through the most revolutionary scientific inventions of all time.

Journeys of Invention lets you navigate through a network of over 80 objects which you can rotate, see in close up detail and even operate. Step inside the Apollo 10 Command Module, encode your own secret message on a World War II Enigma Machine and examine a flea with Robert Hooke’s 17th-century microscope.

The app features original and insightful history written by our curators, illustrated with a rich collection of historic photographs, rarely seen contemporary artworks, archive film footage and video.

Download two journeys for free to get a taster of the rich content you can experience with our full version. The first free journey, Connected, traces how technology has brought us closer together, with a further free journey, New Science, exploring the birth of modern science.

Written by expert curators from the Science Museum in partnership with Touch Press, Journeys of Invention is a wonderful interactive guide for anyone with an interest in science, technology and discovery.

The app is available to download worldwide from the App Store. Two journeys (Connected and New Science) are available for free, with 12 further journeys available via an in-App purchase of £6.99 ($9.99).

Find out more about the app at www.journeysofinvention.com.

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The map of journeys from the Journeys of Invention app

Apollo 10 command module from Journeys of Invention app

A magic lantern from Journeys of Invention app

Transatlantic telegraph cable from Journeys of Invention app