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Learn more about 3D printing

We have produced a series of documents to accompany this exhibition.

Follow the links below to find out more about what's happening with 3D printing in our exhibition and its future potential.

Find out more about the exhibition content

Download the pdfs below to read more about the 3D printing themes covered in our exhibition.

3d printed pens

Print it: Find out about 3D printers, from basic home models to industrial machines.

Perfect it: Find out how 3D printing is helping designers and engineers to make things that are lighter, more sustainable and cheaper.

Heal it: Find out how medical specialists are using 3D printing to create bespoke implants and medical parts.

Try it: Find out how artists, enthusiasts and entrepreneurs from all over the world are using 3D printing.

How will 3D printing really shape your future?

The documents below explain more about how 3D printing could shape your future.

3d printed birds

3D printing the future of industry: Find out more about the 3D printed technology you could encounter in the future.

3D printing the future of medicine: Find out what new 3D printed treatments could do for you.

3D printing the future of shopping: Find out what some experts think a shopping trip might be like in a 3D printed consumer future.