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Glimpses of Medical History

This gallery permanently closed on 21 September 2015. A new Medicine gallery will open in 2019 but in the meantime you can visit a temporary display, Journeys Through Medicine: Henry Wellcome’s Legacy.

From Neothlithic times to 1980, this gallery brought to life the absorbing (and sometimes gory) history of medicine. Glimpses of Medical History explored the remarkable work of doctors, dentists, opticians and surgeons through models and life-size reconstructions.

Highlights included glimpses of medical dramas such as the on-board carnage of a warship’s surgery during the age of Nelson, childbirth in a Victorian home and cataract surgery in 11th century Persia.

The gallery also examined the rise of preventative medicine, the increasing use of technology and the growth of medical specialisms, and explored the complex relationships between patients and those who treat them. 

Glimpses of Medical History

Medical scenes from Neolithic times to 1980
Floor: 4