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Open seven days a week, 10.00-18.00. Entry to the Museum is free.

Glimpses of Medical History

Glimpses of Medical History is well named. Here, via a mixture of reconstructions and dioramas, you’ll discover nearly forty vivid 3D snapshots from the history of practical medicine.

You’ll be able to glimpse medical dramas such as the on-board carnage of a warship’s surgery during the age of Nelson, childbirth in a Victorian home and cataract surgery in 11th century Persia.

From skull trepanning in the Neolithic era to a hospital operating theatre in the late 20th century, the gallery explores the varied and complex relationships between patients and those who treat them.

Among the broad themes that run through the exhibition are the rise of preventative medicine, the increasing use of technology and the growth of medical specialisms.

This gallery also complements the main medical gallery, The Science and Art of Medicine.

Glimpses of Medical History

See what it was like to be a patient or doctor in different times and places
Floor: 4
Open: Permanent