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Information Age films

Watch our series of short films that celebrate and explore the important events of innovation in communication and information technologies:

The cable that changed our world

Discover the remarkable story of the first transatlantic cable and how the world became connected through telegraph cables that spanned the globe.

The computer that changed our world

This is the story of the first office computer and its unlikely owners, J. Lyons and Co, a company better known for making cakes.

The phone line that changed our world

Discover how the first transatlantic telephone cable, TAT-1, helped support freedom and political change, democratising worldwide communication.

The radio transmitter that changed our world

This is the story of how the British Broadcasting Company began, powered by Britain’s biggest radio transmitter, 2LO.

The satellite broadcast that changed our world

In June 1967, for the first time in human history, 400 million people across the globe watched the same live TV show thanks to the power of satellite broadcasting.

The microchip that changed our world

See how the microchip came into existence.