The Explainers



The Explainer role:

As Explainers, our role is to proactively engage visitors and encourage interaction with the different exhibits in the galleries. We are on hand to answer your scientific questions and to share our love of science!

The Science Museum Explainers have been around for a long time -we’ve had Explainers in our interactive galleries for 25 years! So We like to think we’ve perfected the Explainer role and training that goes with it.  

Our big and bubbly Explainer team is made up of around 60 full and part-time staff. The Explainers come from a variety of different backgrounds- from drama to education and science, each member of our team of Explainers brings different skills and areas of expertise to the role. 

Meet some of the Explainer Team.

These are some of the friendly faces you might bump into on your next trip to the Science Museum.


David Rachel Dan

Find out more about David Rachel and Dan .

Who we work with:

We work with lots of different visitors in our interactive galleries, especially families and school groups. We meet and greet booked school groups as they enter each of the interactive galleries, telling them a bit about the gallery before we let them loose to explore.

We often get sent letters from schools after their visit to the museum. We love getting feedback and we enjoy writing back, answering any questions and giving ideas for other cool stuff the Science Museum has to offer.

If you’d like to write to us, send your letters to the Explainers at:
Science Museum, Exhibition Road, South Kensington, London, SW7 2DD

Where you’ll find us:

The Explainers are based in the museum’s 3 main interactive galleries:        



The Launchpad is also where we’ll perform different interactive demonstrations relating to the different areas of Launchpad
These include:
• Light
• Materials
• Thermal Imaging Camera
• Water Rocket
• Sound

As Explainers we perform lots of different shows around the museum.


Find out some of the other projects that explainers are involved in by checking out the Science Museum blog.

If you enjoyed your visit to the Science Museum, find out about some cool experiments that you can do yourselves at home by looking at our online resources. You might have tried our fun Launchball game whilst in the Launchpad, but why don't you check out some of these other cool games on our website.

If you’d like to become an Explainer check on our website for job vacancies.

Come and visit us soon!