Explainers - Rachel

Rachel Harvey has been an Explainer in the Launchpad gallery since 2011.

About Rachel




Studied Natural Sciences at university, specialising in chemistry and physics, then was a teacher before becoming an Explainer.

Shows/demos performed

Water rocket demonstration, light demonstration, The Rocket Show and The Not So Sleep Hedgehog storytelling.

Favourite Launchpad exhibit

The Light Table - there' so much you can do there!

Favourite gallery and object in the Museum

Computing with Charles Babbage's brain and the Difference Engine No. 2.

Projects you're involved with in the Explainer unit

Developing Makaton video resources and looking after some of the Launchpad extensions.


Birdwatching and walking.

Interesting fact?

I have a worrying love of penguins, and I'm addicted to chocolate!