Science Museum Birthday Party FAQs


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Do you look after the children? Why do I need so many adults in the group?

No, we do not supervise the children in each party. Our Birthday Co-ordinator will meet your party, process your tickets and guide you to each activity you have booked. We, therefore, suggest that each party consists of 1 adult for every 4 children, as this will assure their safety.

Can I have candles on the cake?

Candles are NOT allowed in the Science Museum. Due to the Museum's Fire Safety regulations we cannot have naked flames anywhere in the Museum.

Can I just reserve a place/time and make a tentative booking?

We accept reservations, but we require a £50 deposit for the booking. This must be finalised/confirmed at least two weeks before the chosen date of the party. We recommend you book as early as possible as there is only 2 given time slots for the party each day and these tend to be booked up very quickly, especially for weekend parties.

Can I order food or extra food on the day?

Certainly. It is advisable to decide on the menu you want, in particular if you are bringing a large group as it speeds things up (please refer to children's and adults' menus), but if anybody wishes to order an extra item or the adults in the group would like to order drinks or snacks on the day, you can certainly ask your waiter/waitress and they will bill you on the day.

Can I only book for a meal?

To count as a Birthday Party you must book into the restaurant along with one of the options listed. We can break the options down to suit the amount of time in your day.

If more or less children/adults turn up, can I add them to the booking or have a refund on the day?

We will try to accommodate any extra requirements as long as we have availability, however refunds for guests who do not attend can only be given if their places are cancelled at least 48 hours in advance of your visit. To add guests to your party just talk to your Birthday Co-ordinator when you meet on the day.

Can I also visit other galleries or attend workshops/events in the Museum?

You can visit other areas of the Museum as long as they are open to the public - in fact we recommend visiting other areas to make the most of your day. For example, if you are watching Magnificent Desolation: Walking on the Moon 3D in the IMAX 3D Cinema, you may like to visit the Space gallery to take a look at our amazing rockets. Please note that the Birthday Co-ordinator is not responsible for taking your party to any additional areas of the Museum.

I am driving some or all of the group to the party; do you provide a parking space for my vehicle as part of the arrangements?

Unfortunately we do not have parking facilities for the public. There are some Pay and Display parking bays outside the Museum. Imperial College has some parking available for the public, especially on weekends (please call 020 7594 8976 for information on prices). There are also NPC car parks on Knightsbridge and Kensington Gore, which are roughly about 3 or 4 blocks from the building.

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