We've got so much for 8- to 11-year-olds here that they really could spend all day exploring. Investigate science in our hands-on galleries, discover famous objects and see amazing effects in our IMAX 3D Cinema and motion simulator rides.


Energy: fuelling the future

Will your ideas today change the world tomorrow? Discover the importance of energy in this fascinating gallery.


Launchpad - the Science Museum's most popular gallery. Explore science and technology first-hand with 50 hands-on exhibits and shows.


IMAX Films

Giant turtle from Deep Sea IMAX film

Dive into this magical 3D adventure and swim with some of the planet's most colourful creatures.

Flies from the Fly me to the Moon IMAX film

Join three curious flies as they sneak on board the Apollo 11 mission for an incredible space journey.



Jones the Bones

Meet Jones the Bones the surgeon and his Skeleton sidekick.