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Model of Montgolfier balloon.

Model of a Montgolfier Balloon, 1783. The two brothers Joseph and Etienne Montgolfier gave their first public demonstration of a model hot air balloon in Annonay, France.

Teapot illustrated with a ballooning scene, late 18th century.

One teapot in white and gold porcelain, 4' x 6'. Obverse: Charles & Robert balloon in gold inscribed 'Bon Voyage'. Reverse, balloon with rudders, inscribed 'Sic Iver Ad Astra'. From the Penn-Gaskell collection of 'ballooniana'. Public balloon asc

Horatio Phillips' experimental multiplane of 1884.

Model (scale 1:10). In 1883 Phillips constructed and tested what became known as the 'Phillips Entry', an aerofoil designed on the assumption that the major part of the lift on a wing was provided by the front portion. Though not officially recognize

The Charles & Robert balloon, 'Globe', 1783.

A plate and a bowl in French polychrome faience, 9', aeronauts with flags, each with a painted scene of the Charles & Robert balloon, 'Globe'. This was the world's first gas balloon, designed by a French professor of physics, Jacques Charles, and co

Hot-air balloons over countryside, 1785-1795.

One snuff box, circular, 3 1.4' x 1'.Painted lid.Charles & Robert over crowd in woodland.Paintings on circular wooden snuff box lids. One picture is of a hydrogen balloon over a crowd in woodland. The other shows a hot-air balloon over a river and mi

A balloon in a rural landscape, with river and horsemen, late 18th century.

One snuff box, wood, rectangular, 3 3/4' x 2 3/4', bound in silver with painted lid. Montgolfier balloon, river and horseman.

A balloon at Fleurus, 1794.

One snuff box, French, ivory. Painted lid 'Battle of Fleurus'. Oval, 4 1/2' x 1 1/2'. The world's first military observation balloon. The balloon 'L'Entreprenant' was used by the French Republican Army to observe the combined Austrian and Dutch army

Snuff box decorated with ballooning scene, late 18th century.

One snuff box, papier mache, circular painted orange-vermilion, 2 3/4', painted lid with balloon and aeronaut over long building. This snuff box is taken from the Penn-Gaskell collection of 'ballooniana'. Public balloon ascents began to be held in pl

A selection of 'ballooniana' objects, late 18th century.

Model of balloon, in glass and metal, 10', containing 4 scent bottles.French. With wooden travelling case.The objects, from the Penn-Gaskell collection, are: a model of a balloon which opens up to reveal four scent bottles, two teapots, two snuff box

Plates painted with aerial scenes,  c 1850.

French patriotic plate, 10', flying machine over trees and hills. Inscribed '1 er d'essai d'un navire aerien 1780'.