On Display

The Museum of Argote de Molina at Seville, Spain, c 1580.

Diorama "New Drugs from the New World" showing Nicholas Monardes in a museum in Seville, c.1565, made by Wellcome Institute Workshop, London, 1945-1960

The Rise of Anatomy, a dissection in the 14th century.

This diorama illustrates what may have taken place during a dissection in the University of Bologna in the 14th century. The body, of an executed criminal, is being studied by a group of students. An attendant waits with a bucket to take away the dis

The first operation using anaesthesia, 1846.

Diorama 'The Discovery of Anaesthetics' showing John Collins Warren performing the first surgical operation carried out with a general anaesthetic, on 16 October 1846 in the Massachusetts Hospital in Boston. Made by the Wellcome Institute Workshop, L