Explainers - David

David Houston has been an Explainer in the Launchpad gallery since 2002.

About David




Studied education at Roehampton University, then worked promoting aerospace to children as part of the Careers and Education department at the Royal Aeronautical Society.

Shows/demos performed

Water Rocket demonstration, The Rocket Show and the Materials demonstration.

Favourite Launchpad exhibit

I love the Unsteady Eddys. Magnetism and Eddy currents are a bit like a magic trick of physics.

Favourite gallery and object in the Museum

Secret Life of the Home and the Muirhead Photosender in the Making the Modern World gallery.

Projects you're involved with in the Explainer unit

I put together new extensions, additional experiments that compliment the Sound section of the Launchpad.


Playing musical instruments, silent and world cinema, live music and art/design exhibitions. I'm also on the Science Museum softball team.

Interesting fact?

I collect David Bowie biographies and odd musical instruments.