On Display

The Boyle-Hooke vacuum pump, 1659.

Reconstruction of the Boyle-Hooke vacuum pump of 1659.

Electrical chimes

The centrepiece of a set of scientific instruments made for King George III in 1761.

Plate electrical machine, 1770.
Stephen Charles Triboudet Demainbray, electrician and astronomer, 1750-1780.

Silhouette of Stephen Charles Triboudet Demainbray (1710-1782)

Rowley's original orrery, 1712-13.

One of the first mechanical models of the solar system, made for the Earl of Orrery.


Model of a machine which uses a series of ladles to lift water, made by Stephen Demainbray, teacher of George III.

Theodolite, early 18th century.