On Display

Weir sewing machine, 1872.

J.Weir's chain stitch sewing machine, model no. 55S of 1872. The machine was called the '55S' because on its introduction it was sold for 55 shillings. This small, inexpensive chain-stitch sewing machine was manufactured in London by James Galloway W

Morphy Richards electric toaster, c 1980.

Morphy Richards Electric Toaster model 44560/2, 240V; 950W, with angled ejection, c. 1980

The Singer Futura sewing machine, 1976.

Singer Futura sewing machine, part sectioned for display, with detached control panel for public operation, complete with standard accessories, instruction book and foot control, 1976. A microprocessor controlled sewing machine, its selling price on

Willcox and Gibbs chain-stitch sewing machine, c 1890.

Wilcox and Gibbs chain stitch sewing machine, a design based on patents Wilcox & Gibbs obtained up to 1883, complete with wooden box. This particular machine was made using the principles of the 'American system' of manufacture by its contracted make

Viking Husqvarna 8010 sewing machine, 1960s.

Viking Husqvarna 8010 sewing machine, partially sectioned 1968; complete with seam formers and cams so as to form 32 different seam patterns. This partially sectioned semi-automatic sewing machine was made by the Husqvarna Company of Sweden, which ma

Amana Radarange Touchmatic microwave oven, 1978.

Amana Touchmatic Radarange Microwave Oven, model RR5-6, manufactured by Amana Refrigeration Inc., Amana, Iowa, USA, 1978, with micro-go-round plus clockwork pressure activated turntable by Nordic Ware, Mineapolis, Minnesota, USA, 1978

'Hoover' steam iron, 1953.

Hoover' steam iron, 1953

Automatic electric coffee percolator, 1952.

First type of automatic electric coffee percolator, 1952. Model CP1 by Russell Hobbs

Electric spin dryer, 1929.

Spin dryer, electric, by Krauss of Leipzig, 1929

Parnall 'Auto Dry' tumble drier, c 1958.

"AUTO-DRY" Domestic electric tumble dryer, by Parnall (Yate) Ltd., 255 North Circular Road, London NW10, c. 1958